Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Apaches and Sioux (Lakotas). Subject of a number of orally transmitted songs of a past century. Those oral traditions meant a completely different approach of how to 'use' songs as templates. 
Singers adapted the original idea and transformed them due to their individual musical and even political understanding, their understanding of their world. 

Then came the moment those songs became written down, a 'right' version was put down. From that moment those songs were museum pieces to look and listen at, to study. Because the important component, the transfer into the context of the world of singer and listeners, got lost. 

This site is the experiment to revive the oral paradigma of this music. Completely new versions of the themes may also be inspiration to other singers and bands to work on this idea alternatively. 

It is planned, that this becomes a halfopen source in the future. So if you have recorded own interpretations of those stories of the west, contact leave your email address here.