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Belle Brandon
Billy The Kid
Billy Veniro (introducing)
Blood On The Saddle I+IImp3
Border Affair
Bring Him Back Dead Or Alive (introducing)mp3
Bring Him Back Dead Or Alive (revealing)mp3
The Buffalo Hunters
Cole Younger
The Cowboy's Life
Curtains Of Night
Dakota Land
The Dreary Black Hills A
The Dreary Black Hills B
Indians On The Trail (from: Where The Bravest Cowboys Lie)
Jesse James (introducing)mp3
The Little 'dobe Casamp3
Little Joe The Wrangler
Old Paint (elec)mp3
Old Paint (ac)mp3
Queen Of The Desperados
Red River
Red River Valley/Where The Bravest Cowboys Liemp3
Red Wing
Freighting From Wilcox To Globe
The Lane County Bachelormp3
Utah Carl